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Dr. Alison Jones is an esteemed marine scientist and passionate ocean enthusiast. With over half of her career dedicated to studying and exploring the coral reefs of Keppel Bay, she has become a leading expert in her field.

Driven by her love for the ocean, she has authored the acclaimed book "Keppel Islands | Extraordinary Reefs," a treasure trove of scientific knowledge and stunning imagery.

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"Alison's beautifully produced book encapsulates her detailed knowledge of the hidden gems of the stunning Keppel Bay, it's reefs and corals. It is a must have for anyone who loves the Keppel Islands ."

-- John G., Author and Capricorn Coast Local

"This book helped us decide that the Keppel Islands would be our next dive holiday destination, thank you."

-- Adele H., Dive Enthusiast

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